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The most important conference and B2B fairs, integrating meat branch and manufacturers of plant alternatives.

trade representantives
manufactures and service provides

Become a Partner of the Congress and use unlimited opportunities:


Presentations of top brands and products.
New products and innovations, new market launches.
▸ The fairs visitors are only representatives of businesses interested in acquiring new products, including exclusive product lines.


Unique market knowledge and an opportunity to exchange experience for all participants of meat market.
Speeches of experts in marketing and advertising, social media, retail and distribution, export, law and finances.


▸ An opportunity to meet at one place retail producers and managers, responsible for establishment of relationships with service providers and retail partners

Unique project joining key players impacting the market development:

providers of services and solutions for the producers of meat, cured meat, plant-based products and for the trade

producers, processors, distributors and exporters of meat, cured meat and plant-based products

managers and buyers deciding on purchases to retail chains

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What you will gain

You will get to the strictly specified group
Professionals from the meat and plant-based meat alternatives sector

Fairs of top products, novelties and innovative solutions
Excellent opportunity to present your company to the industry decision-makers

You will gain knowledge
about trends, consumer needs, the potential of the market and the challenges faced by its participants

You will meet new clients
You will strengthen your business relationships

You will learn about market analyses
Prepared by the best industry experts and producers

You will make contacts
with people from retail chains who decide about the establishment of cooperation

Product categories presented during congress and B2B fairs


▸ pork
▸ beef
▸ poultry
▸ venison
▸ hams
▸ traditional sausages
▸ dry sausages
▸ white sausages
▸ sausages
▸ premium meats
▸ meat snacks
▸ ready meals
▸ offal
▸ pates
▸ frankfurters

Plant alternatives

▸ plant meat
▸ soy sausages
▸ vegan slices
▸ vegetable sausages
▸ meatless sausages
▸ meatless bacon
▸ meatless black puddings
▸ ready meals
▸ vegetable snacks
▸ veggie pates
▸ veggie burgers
▸ veggie lard
▸ spreads


The Meat and Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Congress 2023 is organized by Wydawnictwo Gospodarcze – a B2B communication company, operating within the international structures. It provides practical and current economic information through its business magazines and conferences for the FMCG sector.

Business meetings organised by our publishing house enable to establish and maintain valuable relationships. The publishing house portfolio includes such events as the Cosmetic Business Forum or the Retail Trends Congress.

Wydawnictwo Gospodarcze is the owner of the industry websites wiadomoscihandlowe.pl and www.wiadomoscikosmetyczne.pl and nationwide B2B magazine – “Wiadomości Handlowe”, valued by the representatives of the FMCG sector as the sources of reliable, unique information.