08:30-09:00 a.m. Registration
09:00-09:10 a.m. Welcoming of Guests


9.10-9:30 a.m. Market of meat, cured meat and plant-based meat alternatives. Forecasts for tough times

dr Magdalena Kowalewska, Senior Analyst of Food & Agri Sector, Bank BNP Paribas

09.30-10.30 a.m. DEBATE: Meat industry and plant-based food sector: trends, innovation and challenges
– Poles are changing their shopping behaviour. Pricing strategies in the face of crisis
– How to get to consumers who reduce meat consumption?
– Private labels. Cooperation with chains – an opportunity for rapid business development?
– Investments. Marketing and modern technologies an opportunity to develop in difficult times

– Michał Kokoszkiewicz, Editor of the “Wiadomości Handlowe” Magazine and the Portal

– Teresa Pietrzyk, Dyrektor ds. Zakupów w Sieci Nasz Sklep
– Damian Guzman, Deputy General Director, Gremi Personal
– Maciej Otrębski, Strategic Partnerships Manager, RoślinnieJemy
– Marcin Lenkiewicz, Co-Founder and vice-CEO, Blix Group

– prof. Stanisław Gwiazda

10.30-10.45 a.m. A smart shopper who buys meat and plant-based alternatives. Premiere of the Blix & Kantar Report 2023 edition
– Patrycja Jedlińska, Sales Director, Blix Group
– Kamila Sondej, Digital Research Executive, Kantar Polska

10.45-11.00 a.m. How are buyers’ expectations and choices changing?
– Grzegorz Mech, Business Development Manager, GfK Polonia


12.00-12.15 p.m. Market development directions. Transparency, sustainable development, novelties
– Marek Steinhoff-Traczewski, Manager Strategy & Polska

12.15-12.30 p.m. The impact of the war in Ukraine on the labor market in Poland and the meat industry
– Damian Guzman, Deputy General Director, Gremi Personal

12.30-12:45 p.m. Lab-grown meat. Food of the future or a dead end?
– Stanisław Łoboziak, Chief Technology Officer, vice-president, Lab Farm

12.45-1.00 p.m. The problem of product loss in cooling and freezing processes
– Łukasz Betliński, Chief of Product Food, Linde Gaz Polska

1.00-1.15 p.m. Plant-based alternatives / The most innovative market in the food industry?
– Honorata Jarocka, Senior Food and Drink Analyst, Mintel

1.15-2.15 p.m. LUNCH | BUSINESS MIXER

2.15-3.00 p.m. DEBATE: Climate crisis. Green transformation in the meat and plant-based alternatives strategies
– Environmentally friendly meat and plant-based food production
– Climate crisis and the future of beef sector
– Investments in renewable energy sources and water saving. Zero waste trend
– Sustainable development strategies. Environmental initiatives of the companies
– Extended Producer Responsibility

– Łukasz Rawa, Editor of the “Wiadomości Handlowe” Magazine and the Portal

– Piotr Her, President of the Management Board, Suberdrob
– Paweł Mirosz, Food Law Advisor, Life Sciences Practice, Domański Zakrzewski Palinka law firm
– Igor Sadurski, Member of the Management Board, BVTCHER
– Michał Siwek, Director for Department International Hub Food and Agri, Bank BNP Paribas
– Krzysztof Kirow, Retail Partner, SPAR

3.00-3.15 p.m. Marking and advertising plant-based meat substitutes – allowed by law
– dr Agnieszka Szymecka-Wesołowska, Partner, Co-Founder, Centrum Prawa Żywnościowego i Produktowego (The Food & Product Law Center)

3.15-3.30 p.m. Trends in the sale of plant-based meat substitutes in retail
– Magdalena Wilgatek, Business Development Manager in CMR

3.30-3:45 p.m. Poultry market. Will Poland maintain its position of the European leader?
– Dariusz Goszczyński, President of the Board, Natonal Poultry Council Chamber of Commerce

3.45-4.40 p.m. DEBATE: Will the food industry come out of the crisis stronger?
– Cooperation or consolidation? Relationship strategies between producers and processors
– Building value for meat and cured meats consumers
– Gas, electricity and fuels, and the security of supply of meat products
– Increased production costs. How to improve the competitiveness of the industry?

– Łukasz Rawa, Editor of the “Wiadomości Handlowe” Magazine and the Portal

– Henryk Amanowicz, President of the Board Zakładów Mięsnych Dobrosławów
– Paweł Gajdzik, President, ZM Haga Plus
– Mirosław Możdżeń, CEO, Animal Slaughterhouse Robert Rytel
– Dariusz Niebieszczański, Member of the Management Board of ZM Niebieszczańscy
– Tomasz Parzybut, President of the Board, Stowarzyszenie Rzeźników i Wędliniarzy RP
– Marcin Wroński, vice General Director, National Support Centre for Agriculture


6.00 p.m. – 0:00 a.m. Gala with presenting the awards in the competitions for the Best Meat/Cured Meat Department 2023

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program.